Scones of the Month – January 2016

02 J & A Cafe

J + A Café

Welcome to Scones of the Month 2016, where I started with a return visit to J + A Café.

I  had previous visited in January 2015 and as our  guided walks for Walk London had finished nearby it, seemed the perfect place to catch up afterwards with C, friend and fellow guide, our wonderful back markers and Amardeep, who was also on the walk.

J and A Cafe

J + A Café – photo from my visit last year

J + A Café is housed in a former diamond cutting factory and is tucked away just off Clerkenwell Road. We all arrived rather hungry  and we pleased to be seated quickly. Sadly after raving about their Chocolate Guinness Cake it was sold out when we visited. Needless to say I ordered the scones and a hot chocolate.

03 J & A Cafe

J + A Café

The large plain scone was served warm. It was accompanied by generous portions of strawberry jam and fresh cream. I’m really sorry to say I really didn’t enjoy my scone as it was a little on the hard side and a bit chewy. I was disappointed as on my last visit the scones were delicious, but this time they didn’t have that firm exterior and soft centre, instead they were just very solid. I know I’m very particular about my scones (well I do eat a lot of them) so I asked the group, only one other person shared my views and the others thought they were fine. My big cup of hot chocolate was very warming and satisfying after my walk. The food was well priced with the scone, cream and jam just £3  and the hot chocolate £2.80. Service was friendly and prompt. It’s a really nice café so I’m going to put it down to one off bad luck and I’m hoping next time I visit that I won’t be disappointed.

Ratings:  Scones: 1,   Accompaniments: 2, Service: 2, Ambience: 2, Overall: 7/11

Until next time…


About Guided Walks in London

I am a City of London and City of Westminster Tour Guide who loves exploring London and eating scones.
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2 Responses to Scones of the Month – January 2016

  1. jezzerbear says:

    You must return for the Chocolate Guinness Cake too- just for your opinion on how it tastes!! Sounds intriguing.

  2. When I went last year they gave me some to sample, it was really nice. Rich but very moist, tasted amazing.

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